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These shops and attached dwellings were built during Annerley’s interwar boom period, as the suburb changed from a lightly-developed semi-rural district into a well-populated inner-city area. From the 1860s, the site had been part of an acreage belonging to a jam preserver, left unsubdivided until 1916. The frontage facing Ipswich Road held a shop and dwelling prior to this building's construction in 1930 by Hans Ebeling, a builder and property investor. Ebeling leased the shop and lived in the dwelling upstairs for some years, before selling the property in 1949. In the 1950s the house was converted into flats.

Place details
At 770 Ipswich Road , ANNERLEY, 4103
At 3 Aubigny Street , ANNERLEY, 4103
Categories: Accommodation - Work Residence
Retailing - Shop/s
Event(s): Constructed circa 1930
Period(s): Interwar (1919-1939)
Style(s): Interwar - Vernacular
Fabric component(s): Walls - Timber
Roof - Corrugated iron
People involved: Builder - H.P. Ebeling
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(Last updated - 14 Mar 2016)

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NOTE: The purpose of this report is to provide a general reference source of information about the main historical and descriptive features that contribute to the cultural significance of the heritage place. It is based on available evidence and may be re-assessed if further information becomes available. It is NOT an official report and does not in any way replace the official Heritage Register entry, which can be viewed in the City Plan. A qualified practitioner should undertake a thorough conservation study of the heritage place before any action is taken which may affect its significance as a heritage listed place. For further information please phone Council on 3403 8888.

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