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Fire hydrant


In 1896, Brisbane Fire Brigade Superintendant John Hinton called for fixed pillar fire hydrants to be installed Brisbane’s city centre. Pillar hydrants were hydraulically more efficient than the stand pipes or portable hydrants then in use. Across the river, the South Brisbane Municipal Council followed suit, installing hydrants for the South Brisbane Volunteer Fire Brigade by 1902. Initially the hydrants were placed around South Brisbane’s commercial centre of Stanley Street. In 1913, the South Brisbane Fire Board requested another 25 hydrants, (cost of £120) to be installed in other streets. This hydrant was manufactured by A. Sergeant & Co. under instructions from the Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board. The MWSSB ceased in 1928 and it is likely that this fire hydrant dates from the 1920s. Less than half a dozen cast iron fire hydrants remain across Brisbane.


  • a) It is important in demonstrating the evolution or pattern of the City's or local area's history

    as an early 20th Century pillar-style fire hydrant.

  • b) It demonstrates rare, uncommon or endangered aspects of the City's or local area's cultural heritage

    as in-situ example of pillar-style fire hydrant from the early 20th century.

  • d) It is important in demonstrating the principal characteristics of a particular class or classes of cultural places

    as an in-situ example of pillar-style fire hydrants from the early 20th century.

  • e) It is important because of its aesthetic significance

    as finely crafted cast iron artefacts that contribute to the visual character of the immediate area.

  • h) It has a special association with the life or work of a particular person, group or organisation of importance in the City's or local area's history

    for its link to the Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board and as a fine example of the work of A. Sargeant & Co. Ltd.

Place details
At 191 Dornoch Terrace , HIGHGATE HILL, 4101
Categories: Streetscape - Feature
Utility - Emergency Service
Event(s): Constructed circa 1920s
Period(s): Interwar (1919-1939)
Fabric component(s): Structure - Cast iron
People involved: Association - the Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board
Association - A. Sargeant & Co. Ltd
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Fire hydrant

(Last updated - 14 Mar 2016)

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