Nomination process

Members of the public, including property owners, can nominate places for inclusion in the Heritage overlay. Following a process that includes public consultation, Council decides if a place should be included in the Heritage overlay based on the recommendations of Council’s Heritage Policy team.


  1. Council receives nomination for heritage place or precinct
  2. Council’s Heritage Policy team investigates the nomination, including the history of the place, its physical attributes and associated heritage significance, and consults the Heritage Advisory Committee.
  3. Council determines if a place should become a Local Heritage Place, through the City Plan amendment process, which is subject to the requirements of the Planning Act 2016, includes statutory public consultation and can take up to two years.
  4. At the start of the statutory public consultation period:
    • Public notices are placed in the Courier Mail, the Queensland Government Gazette and on Council’s webpages;
    • Owners of proposed local heritage places are notified in writing of the intention to recommend the place for inclusion in the Heritage overlay.
  5. Property owners and members of the public have the opportunity during the statutory public consultation period to make a written submission about the proposed inclusion of the place in the Heritage overlay.
  6. All properly made submissions are considered by Council in its deliberations before making a decision.
  7. Responses are provided to all submitters following a final decision by Council.
  8. After the statutory amendment process to Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan) the heritage place will be included in City Plan’s Heritage overlay and displayed in the Local Heritage Places online tool.

Inclusion in the Heritage overlay is not subject to appeal.