Welcome to Local Heritage Places online. This information replaces Brisbane City Council’s online Heritage Register database.

Brisbane City Council’s Local Heritage Places online allows you to search for local heritage places identified in Brisbane City Plan 2014 and find different information about a place, such as historical facts and features, architectural period and style, and photographs.

You can search by a place’s name, address, lot plan, the name of its architect, builder or people associated with the place, and type of place.

Information for state heritage places is included on the Queensland Heritage Register. Some local heritage places are also considered of significance to the State, and are also on the Queensland Heritage Register.

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Detail on a Spring Hill house

Nominate a local heritage place

If you would like to nominate a place for inclusion in the Heritage overlay, review the heritage criteria and nominate online.

Please check the Local Heritage Places online first to see if the place you wish to nominate has already been identified.

Nominate a Heritage Place
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City Plan Heritage overlay

The Heritage overlay identifies sites that have either local or state heritage values. This overlay explains what development would be appropriate on, or adjoining, these sites.

Heritage Overlay Code
City Plan map

City Plan Mapping

Visit Brisbane City Plan 2014 online and navigate a map of Brisbane that shows zoning, overlays, neighbourhood plans and priority infrastructure plan maps.

City Plan Mapping
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